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It’s a sad day in Social Studies…


After much consideration, I’ve decided to postpone the wiki-project.  I felt that there was a combination of my under-planning and a lack of interest with the students.  I’m a little upset that it didn’t take off like I expected.  I feel really bad for the few students that were really into the project.  I’m going to have to send that project to the shop for some re-tooling.  I hope to bring it out later on in the year with some revisions to the directions.  A sad, sad day.  😦

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4 thoughts on “It’s a sad day in Social Studies…

  1. Why not let the few that were “into” it some class time to really produce it? Im positive they would do a great job, and who knows, they may inspire other students and clear up any misunderstandings others had. Bonus–you’ll have an example to show off next time you try this. Just my 2 cents. Im mad, ya know. This would have looked AWESOME in a professional portfolio.

  2. Well…it’s not as easy as it sounds. I’m sure those students would do an outstanding job, but what about everyone else in the classroom? I’m not giving up on the wiki, I’m just postponing it. I’m going to do an animoto project for WWI.

  3. Don’t say I quit it…I just postponed it until a later date. The wiki is still open if you want to finish it.

  4. @Skylar, McCall, & Kristin–Mrs. Nelson said she would supervise you in the library if you decide to go for it. Ask @MrGranito if you can have “some” social studies class time, then come see me in the library. I’d like to see some goal-minded students see it through too.

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