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Seven Days

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So, PACT testing comes to an end this week and that leaves us about 10 teaching days for the kids.  If you take away the last 2 days of school, that leaves 8.  Then, we need to take away 1 day for “Tiger Fest,” and that leaves 7.

Seven full days of school where the kids know that they are finished with the end of the year exam.

Seven full days of school where the kids are just itching to get out for the summer.

Seven full days of school where most teachers have given up and started planning “end of the year parties.” (with and without students)

I’ve decided to plan a project loosely related to the 8th grade curriculum, South Carolina History.  I’m hoping this will keep their attention and keep them involved and interested until the end of the school year.

What do you do during the last week of school?  How do you keep the students engaged?


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