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Today is the Day

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Today the students take the Social Studies PACT test.  I’m very nervous.  After reviewing for a few weeks, I’m still convinced they don’t get it.  Our curriculum for 7th grade is kind of over their heads, but I’ve tried my hardest to relate the material to their worlds.  And… I’ve definitely watered down the material for them.  This is why I’m scared.  I’ve breezed through a lot of the standards so the students could get just a taste of the information before we had to move on.  I think a taste of information is better than no taste.

More reasons to be nervous:

1.  Did the kids get a good night sleep?

2.  Did they eat a good breakfast?

3.  Did anything happen to them last night or this morning that would cause them to have a bad testing day?

4.  Will they try their hardest? Or will they give up easily because they’ve been testing for 2 weeks?

5.  Will they intentionally do bad to make their teacher look bad?  (Although, I’m sure 90% will try their hardest, there is still that 10% I’m just not sure about)

6.  Will they remember the topics we’ve covered in September?  (From the looks of yesterday’s review session, the answer to that one is NO)

7.   Will they have a quiet testing environment in every classroom?  (I know I run a tight ship in my class, but I can’t speak for every teacher)

I can’t wait until these testing days are over.  The schedule makes everyone crazy…including teachers.

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I'm a regular guy with a regular job. I write for fun, self-reflection and to possibly impart some of my thoughts on those that will listen. I do not claim to be an expert on anything, but have opinions on many things.

One thought on “Today is the Day

  1. You should not focus on the variables that you cannot control or you will make yourself crazy. Trust that you have made the learning meaningful with cool projects that use cool tools, and don’t worry about the rest. Looking forward to the craziness of the SC tourism project—I’ll bring earplugs. Maybe you can borrow headphones from Mrs. O (who used them in the afterschool program)?? Anyway, as the Jackson 5 song goes—I’ll be there….

    You’re too young, let’s see if I can find the youtube of it.
    Now I was just a wee little girl when that was popular, but it is how I feel about doing my job, supporting teachers, and helping out in anyway, shape, or form that I can. Just call my name …. and I’ll be there.

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