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Ladies and Gentlemen…Start Your Engines!!

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Da World School (with students) is about to begin here in (ahem) sunny  New Jersey.  As far as the curriculum goes…I know the kids will enjoy  it.  For the bulk of the year, we will examine the Birth of Civilization  through the Renaissance.  Luckily, I’ve almost finished Guns, Germs,  and Steel…this book is extremely excellent in explaining how certain  societies have developed and prevailed and how other societies have  not evolved on the same pace.  Big Book!!!  Took a while to finish.  I  hope I can use some of the excerpts in class. 

Teaching Social Studies at the middle school level, you always have to spend time on certain “Social Studies Skills.”  So, for the first week or two, we’ll have to review geography, map skills, primary and secondary sources, and all that good stuff.  

There are also various other topics I’d like to touch upon as well.  I’m thinking about starting an economic club, so teaching all about economies would be ideal.  

I’d like to teach Current Events in some capacity.  New Jersey history is also a great topic!!

Of course I’d also like to keep the technology themed projects alive, but there might be some limitations with the building.  I’m sure I’ll figure something out.  

I’m still up in the air on how I will use the Kneighborhood.  I am leaning towards keeping it a place for assignments, worksheets, announcements…with a little bit of commentary.  


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One thought on “Ladies and Gentlemen…Start Your Engines!!

  1. You go, Mr. G!
    Teach on!

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