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As I age, I feel a need to get every aspect of my life organized. It is funny because when I was in high school, college, and even a little after college, I was a mess!  Now, my desk, my bills, my coupons, my nightstand, everything needs to be in order for my mind to be at ease.  Sometimes, I can’t even leave school until my classroom is organized.  That way, when I walk in the next morning there isn’t a mess.   I’m sure many people are like this.

Just recently, I’ve been making lists for everything.  I’ve be creating little checklists and as I check things off, a sense of accomplishment comes my way.  Some days the lists are small and easy to finish.  Love those days!!  I generally keep these post-it checklists on my notebook for school so they stare me in the face throughout the day.  I can’t avoid them.

I’ve come across some websites that help me in my organization:

  • jott – This site was great until they started making you pay.  Jott allowed you to dial their number and add to your list on the go.
  • Remember the Milk – RTM lets you create multiple lists, set priorities for tasks, due dates, repetitions, and much more.  There is a pro version you can upgrade to, but I don’t think it is necessary.  You can even link it to your twitter account!!
  • Dial2Do – As an alternative to jott, dial2do allows you to use your cell phone to do many things.  You can record reminders, write emails, text message…the list goes on.  Everything is voice to text, so speak clearly.  You can also update your twitter account and your remember the milk tasks.

Author: GraKneeToe

I'm a regular guy with a regular job. I write for fun, self-reflection and to possibly impart some of my thoughts on those that will listen. I do not claim to be an expert on anything, but have opinions on many things.

4 thoughts on “Organization

  1. Nice header at the top of the page! So you really have a chalk board? Somehow I can’t picture you at a chalk board writing. You know, I did not know you long, but I recall thinking you were one of the neatest freaks I’d ever worked with. So your “organization” fettish was in existence last year. I bet your closet has all shirts together, quite possibly color coded, as well as pants hanging the exact 1 inch requirement to keep them from getting wrinkled. The sock drawer is probably also color coded and super organized. That’s okay, we need teachers in the filed to model being super organized. Still miss them beige/lime green argyle socks walking our halls.

  2. I “cheat” by making sure there’s at least one item on my to-do list that is easily (and quickly) finished. Glowing with a sense of, however misguided, accomplishment, I then move on to tackle the more onerous chores.

    Haven’t tried any of those organizing sites yet. I’ll put them on my list!

  3. Cathy – yes, I really have a chalkboard. The funny thing is…when they installed my SMARTboard, they just drilled right through the antiqued green chalkboard like it was yesterday’s news. I have to admit…I actually like the look of white chalk on a green chalkboard. I just wish it was SMART too!

    Diane – those long lists that I create are actually a bunch of easy to-do items.

  4. LOL in one school I worked at, they literally made me clear six library shelves, then boarded them up, and hung my “Promethean Board” over the space. You just don’t realize how HARD it is to give up real estate of any kind in a library. But I did like having my board and projector mounted.

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