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I Believe its Test Season

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We just had one of those faculty meetings where they tell us that it is time to prepare for the “big tests” again.  Aren’t we always preparing for these tests?  Of course they’ll give us strategies to use while preparing for the test.  We definitely Test Seasonwant to do well because that is the only thing our community cares about.  Unfortunately, for a lot of us,  that is the only criteria we are measured on.  It is not how well your kids develop over the entire year, it is how well they do on a series of grueling standardized tests.

In some cases, this will be the first time they see a scantron style test.  If your district doesn’t have access to scantrons or scantron machines, you most definitely haven’t taken advantage of one of these little gems.  If you don’t necessarily like giving multiple choice tests, then you haven’t used these either.

Believe it or not, kids will not know how to fill these bubbles in, if they don’t have practice.  That might ultimately affect their grade.  They might bubble something in wrong.  These also might cause enormous amounts of anxiety because this weird “test answer booklet” is staring at them.  As proctors of the exam, we warn them, “DON’T MESS UP THE BUBBLES….OR ELSE!!”  “ERASE COMPLETELY….OR ELSE!!”

A fellow colleague of mine pointed me to this Bubble Test Maker.  You can create a variety of different answer sheets that fit your test.

Just a little practice bubbling in circles might be the difference between Basic and Proficient.

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