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Too Good To Be True

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Thanks to Mr. Mayo‘s Longfellow Ten, I’ve decided to attempt a stop-motion project with all my Social Studies classes.  I assigned each of my five classes an era of history that we discussed in class this year.  Within each era, students were to then pick a topic related to that period of time.  After picking a topic, students were then asked to build a set and write a script for their scene.  Once that was finished, the pictures will commence.

My students really took to this project.  They really enjoy building the set.  Even though they are on the verge of being high schoolers, everyone still loved playing with legos, polly pockets, and play dough…even me!!

Things have been trucking along just great.  Even with a few absences on my part, and a few more in the future, the kids have run into only minor issues.  My fingers are crossed, though.  Next week we will enter the dreaded, outdated computer lab.  Last time I brought my kids into the computer lab for a podcasting project, the lab failed me.  We had issues left and right.  I think Ms. B has assured me that I won’t have any such problems, but I won’t know until we get in there.

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