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My (Un)excused Absences

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Out of Office

I’m usually in school.  I’m not one that takes days off just to use of my sick days or personal days.  I like going into school.  I have fun there.  Don’t get me wrong, a day off is great, but I feel like taking a day off from school is more hassle than what its worth.  I took one personal day this year and zero sick days.

But somehow, I’ve been out of class when my students needed me most.  I’ve been pulled into meetings during class time, been dragged into professional development workshops,been yanked to curriculum writing, and been lured into character education seminars.  And when I say pulled, dragged, yanked, and lured, I really mean I went on my own free will with no complaints.

OK, here’s my complaint.  In the past 4 weeks I’ve missed at least 1 and a half days of school.  State testing is over, I’m not giving a final and I’m finished with my curriculum.  Unfortunately, I’ve decided to take on this end of the year project.  The kids are completing everything in class and with my absences, some of the students are missing that much needed direction.

It is just that much easier to be in class to help the students than to leave an extremely detailed letter to the substitute teacher explaining what the kids are doing, where the supplies are and what to do if you run out of something.  When I’m in class during this project, I feel like the problem solver because I know the idiosyncrasies of the classroom and the students.  I know where that hidden fishing wire is or what to do if someone steps on a project.

And for some reason, my room is always a little off when I get back to school the next day.  I hate being absent.

By the way…I’m out of the room again on Wednesday for a third and final curriculum writing session.

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