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Re-Working the Curriculum

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I’ve had the opportunity to re-write the social studies curriculum for 7th grade next year.  Its funny, our content isn’t changing that much, but our supervisors want us to re-write the curriculum using a UbD approach.  With this change comes a new set of textbooks for our school.  History Alive!!  I like it!

Even though our curriculum isn’t changing much, I still think its a good idea to re-work the curriculum just to keep things fresh.  This was an opportunity to collaborate with my 7th grade counterpart and think of some new ideas for the upcoming school year.  Although we spent valuable class time away from our classes during a very hectic end of the year, this re-working should pay off in September.

On top of re-working our own curriculum, the 8th grade completely changed theirs.  They will pick up where we leave off.  We end at the fall of the Roman Empire and they start at the legacies of the Roman Empire.   Planning together with the 8th grade teachers will keep some kind of consistency as the students progress though middle school.  We had a chance to pick out some major big ideas that each grade level will discuss.  We also have similar teaching styles.  I feel consistencyis a major advantage for the social studies department in my school.

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