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Last post was too long ago…AND…Historical Blogging

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So…the last post on the Annex was on September 2, 2009.  There is no way I’ll get followers posting once every 2months.  I’ve been extremely busy working on my Master’s research project, a second graduate class,  juggling a new-ish curriculum, teaching 2 PD courses, and leaving things until the last minute. I’d like to say that I vow to write more posts, but I just don’t know if I can follow through…I can give it a try though!

I can say that I’ve been over-saturating myself with information coming through my tweets and RSS feed.  I honestly think there is way too much out there. I taught one PD class on Web2.0 tools.  I think my class of 6 was overwhelmed with the amount of stuff that is available to them. The number one question was…Where do you find the time? All I had to say to that was…I don’t know.  There isn’t enough time to teach everything.  As a fairly new teacher, I feel that has been my mistake. Try to teach everything.  Unfortunately, YOU CAN’T. Towards the end of my Web2.0 Tools class, I advised my eager educators to pick 1 or 2 tools and start there.  Hone your skills in a few methods of teaching before you move to the next.

In following my own advice, I’m going to start a “Historical Blog” of sorts.  (the details have not fully been ironed out yet) I want to make a blog available for my students to contribute to on a weekly/bi-weekly/or monthly basis. They’ll simply log-in and write a post. Here’s the catch…they’ll need to take on the identity of a historical figure and write. It would be Hammurabi writing a post about the code of laws he just came up with…or…Alexander the Great writing about his most recent conquest.  I think (fingers crossed) this is a good idea.

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