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The First Meeting

I think it might be a long school year. I had the first meeting of my administrational internship and I’m a little blown away. Over the course of only 8 months I will need to accumulate 300 hours of administrational “activities.” Now, I have an idea of what I may do over the course of the year, but I can’t imagine accumulating 300 hours of these “activities.” I’ve been told that it is possible and not to worry.

If anyone out there has done an internship like this before, what are some principal duties you took on? I’d like to get a wide range of experiences so I’m ready when and if the time comes to take on this new challenge.


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Blowing off the Dust


It has been a while since I’ve posted up here….been a little busy. Had my first child.  Bought my first house. Fixing my first house. One hour commute to work. Coaching. But now it’s the Summer and I’ve got time!

Starting over the Summer (hopefully) I will begin accumulating hours that count towards my principal’s internship.  As of right now, I love the classroom, but one day I would like to make a change on a greater level. I figured that I’d chronicle my 300 hours in this forum. We’ll see how long that lasts.

I’m truly excited to begin this administration internship…mainly because I want to see what goes on “behind the scenes.” I’m sure it’s the same old mundane stuff that a teacher does, but I’m still curious.