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2012 Caldwell College Ed Tech Conference

I’ve had the privilege of being asked to present two different tech conferences at Caldwell College on Friday, Oct. 26th. At first I was hesitant because of the work load I have put on myself this school year, but after working on the two presentations, I have a new outlook on the conference. I’m really excited to present!

Not only am I excited to present, but I’m also interested in meeting the other presenters and participants.  Conferences always get the most excited and bright-eyed individuals because they elect to go. They have some vested interest in the conference, so they’re looking to learn something new.

The Presentations:

Google Earth:   The workshop will introduce the participants to the Google Earth software and will outline what the learners can do using this tool in a social studies classroom. The participants will examine simple tools that Google Earth has to offer – layers, zooming in and out, creating paths, tagging. Sample lesson plans will be discussed. Time permitting the participants can brainstorm and come up with their own examples of lessons. The participants are encouraged to bring their own laptops to get the most out of the workshop.

Digital Storytelling:  This workshop will introduce the participants to the effective use of digital story telling in their classrooms. The participants will access and explore the functionality of the Web 2.0 software of VoiceThread. Participants will learn how to use the software and create their first digital story. Time permitting, the participants will be able to view the other participants’ VoiceThreads and leave comments on each digital story.

Looking forward to a great day.


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Professional Development Improves School

I know that sounds completely obvious, but I thought I’d do a presentation on it anyway.  The professor asked us to pick a “problem” in our “school” and try and fix it.  I’m not saying professional development is an issue in my school, I just think there are some things that can be improved.

I tried to bring in the point of collegiality being a big part of professional development.  I feel the biggest part of my professional development is attributed to my RSS reader.  There are so many different conversations that I read that make me think about my own profession.  It is more of a personal development than professional development.

Anyway… take a look

You can view my PPT – HERE

And my Notes I passed out – HERE