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2012 Caldwell College Ed Tech Conference

I’ve had the privilege of being asked to present two different tech conferences at Caldwell College on Friday, Oct. 26th. At first I was hesitant because of the work load I have put on myself this school year, but after working on the two presentations, I have a new outlook on the conference. I’m really excited to present!

Not only am I excited to present, but I’m also interested in meeting the other presenters and participants.  Conferences always get the most excited and bright-eyed individuals because they elect to go. They have some vested interest in the conference, so they’re looking to learn something new.

The Presentations:

Google Earth:   The workshop will introduce the participants to the Google Earth software and will outline what the learners can do using this tool in a social studies classroom. The participants will examine simple tools that Google Earth has to offer – layers, zooming in and out, creating paths, tagging. Sample lesson plans will be discussed. Time permitting the participants can brainstorm and come up with their own examples of lessons. The participants are encouraged to bring their own laptops to get the most out of the workshop.

Digital Storytelling:  This workshop will introduce the participants to the effective use of digital story telling in their classrooms. The participants will access and explore the functionality of the Web 2.0 software of VoiceThread. Participants will learn how to use the software and create their first digital story. Time permitting, the participants will be able to view the other participants’ VoiceThreads and leave comments on each digital story.

Looking forward to a great day.



VoiceThread Projects.

The long awaited VoiceThread projects are finally graded and posted for your viewing pleasure here. There were some very great ones and some that needed a little work. If I had to do it all over again, I would change some things.

Things I would change:

I would change the rubric for the project. I graded the kids on their pictures, the sentences they created for the pictures, their voice quality, creativity, and their use of class time. Next time I would add a category – Picture Relatedness. Some of the students turned their Revolution VoiceThread into a research project about their favorite topics and forgot completely that they had to show a change over time.

I would make sure students work with a partner – 4th block especially. When students worked together, they brainstormed about their revolution giving them two perspectives instead of one.

OK….so here are the links for the VoiceThreads. The kids had them set to private, so I hope these links still work. If they don’t, then I’ll have to set the VoiceThreads to public.

1st Block:

Sawyer and Derek –
Glenn and Xavier C. –
Jeffrey and Tyler –
Leah and Summer –
Cody and Seth –
April and Leslie –
Cameron, Brandon, and Darrell –
Sean, Michael, and Chrissy –
Xavier W, Xavier LT, and Pagrien –
Jarrell and Destiny –
Angel, Cierra, and Kadeja –

2nd Block

Jacob and Kyle –
Dylan and Brandye –
Kendrick, Javarius, and Orlando –
Grayden and GK –
Jamekee and Dana –
Maddie, Erica, and Alleah –
DJ, Charles, and Tre –
Haley and Gennifer –
Ashley, Elexis, and Jessica –

3rd Block

Annie, Jordan, and Mary-Hannah –
Kayla and Savannah –
Kirby and Christine –
Chelise and Chelsea –
Taylor and Chanan –
Dalton and Alyssa –
Bridgette and Maleek –
Sadie and Kylie –
Jenna and Gissel –
Josh and Jamie –
Linda and Jontecia –
Cain and Brianna –

4th Block

Tylen –
Thair –
Matt –
Hunter –
Skylar –
McCall –
Josh –
Shannon –
Katie –
Skottowe –
Brett –
Kaitlyn –
Marshall –
Olivia –
Kristen –
Henry –
Mykal –
Ryan –
Haley –
Sean –
Jess –
Trevon –
Tichina –
Mariah –
Avery –

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Project Week

This past week was crazy!! I had my students create a VoiceThread. During the week I had to contend with several different obstacles. The first issue came with the jumbled up schedule due to MAP testing. Everyday had different times to meet with the classes. Then I had to deal with a blocked website. That was ok because I had a password to get past the firewall, but I had to put in the password every single time the students went to the website or even refreshed the page. It got old quick. Then my headsets with microphones came just at the nick of time, unfortunately getting them all to work with the computers was another issue. I had to log on to the computers as me and not as student, just to go into the control panel and fix the microphone settings. After all was said and done, only about half of my students finished their projects when I wanted them to finish. There were too many technical difficulties to contend with. Next time I know I’ll be better prepared for this. Even though, towards the end of the week I had a short fuse, I was extremely happy with the out come of the projects. I’ll post the links to the VoiceThreads later on in the week, once everyone has finished.

In addition to creating the VoiceThreads, I had a handful of my students create our podcast for the week. I ended up mixing all of their comments, but they created the entire podcast.

Here it is…

Project Week

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Just tried Voice Thread!!

Hey, I just tried this program called voice thread. It is really cool. I created a simple 2 minute voice thread about a classroom revolution. Since we are studying revolutions, soon I will ask you to create a voice thread about any revolution you want.

Check out mine here.

A Classroom Revolution

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I got the help of my fiancee to record some of the comments. Our librarian Ms. Nelson has also recorded some comments into the voice thread. I think this will be an exciting project for you guys.